hyper update May 3, 2021

Greetings, 👋🏻

It has been a little while since our last official update. Today, I am excited to share with you some wonderful news that has happened in the last few months. Thank you for your interest and support in hyper, it is appreciated.

April 2021

  1. Our first two customers committed to annual service contracts for the hyper meta service framework. These two customers are:
    * BusinessLoans.com
    * Citibot, Inc

We are honored to have these innovative companies as our initial customers and excited to see the great services they provide change the lives of our community for good.

hyper provides a meta service framework with common services that empowers the development teams to focus on their applications business value, while hyper focuses on the cloud.

The cloud in this reference is a set of general services that all applications need to perform: data, storage, cache, search and queue services. hyper’s cloud services can run on any cloud and any on premise environment.

hyper can fill the time and effort equivalent to one full time developer for 1/10 of the cost. That equates to 80 to 90 thousand dollars a year that a startup or software agency can invest back into their business.

2. Investment Funding

Closed a round of funding and have partnered with a local group of investors lead by Sovereign Co that will give us the capital support to build out the hyper software as a service portal. This portal will enable our team to create a frictionless on boarding experience for developers, startups and agencies to use and manage our services. The portal will also provide a free sandbox for developers to learn how to use hyper in their day to day process, create prototypes and innovate.

May 2021

  • 🤦🏼‍♂️ Trip Ottinger has accepted a full time role and will be our principle product manager. Trip has been in the software industry for more than 20 years. His focus will be to productize the hyper service and make sure it is easy to use and an incredible developer experience. 👋🏻 Welcome Trip!
  • 🚀 Launching a new website and announcing our product name change from hyper63 to hyper. We are excited to share our vision of the future of software development. The hyper website will be the cornerstone to explain and share: — what is hyper
    - why hyper
    - how to use hyper

June 2021

  • 🤦🏼‍♂️ Tyler Hall has accepted a full time role as our principle software engineer. Tyler has been a lead developer in both the start up universe and the software agency universe and has a wealth of skill and knowledge. He has seen many of the challenges software can create and shares a passion to create better and more maintainable software. 👋🏻 Welcome Tyler!
  • 🚀 hyper developer portal beta launch, in early June we will be launching the beta release of the hyper service for developers. With this release any developer can register for our service on hyper.io and get a free account to use hyper to build prototypes and hobby applications.

open source community

More to come

Questions? Would hyper be a good fit for you?



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