Clean 🧼 Architecture 🛠 At Hyper ⚡️

Clean Architecture 🧼🛠

Under The Hood 🚘

Driving Adapter <--> Port <--> Business Layer <--> Port <--> Driven Adapter


Hyper Clean Architecture Lingua Franca 📚


Hyper Apps 🎮

Hyper Core 🪨

Hyper Ports 🔌

Hyper Adapters 🛠

Hyper Services

  • A Hyper App
  • Hyper Core
  • An Adapter Port
  • A Hyper Adapter
RESTful api -> Core -> Data Port -> CouchDB Adapter
// or
GraphQL api -> Core -> Data Port -> Postgres Adapter
// or
CLI -> Core -> Data Port -> DynamoDB Adapter
GRPC api -> Core -> Cache Port -> Redis Adapter
// or
GraphQL api -> Core -> Cache Port -> Sqlite Adapter
// or
CLI -> Core -> Cache Port -> FlatFile Adapter
GRPC api -> Core -> Search Port -> Elasticsearch Adapter
// or
RESTful api -> Core -> Search Port -> Minisearch Adapter
// or
CLI -> Core -> Search Port -> Algolia Adapter

Hyper {Nano} 🍷






build hyper-scale applications with hyper services

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build hyper-scale applications with hyper services

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